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Staffs Favorite's

Juliet-610 Garmin, Brooks Infiniti 1/2 Zip, Orange Nuun and all brands of capris that we carry!

Andrew-Nike+ Sportwatch GPS, Trigger Point Footballer and CWX Pro tights or Pro shorts(depending on the temperature).

Celeste-Saucony Kinvara, Brooks Utopia Embossed Softshell and Saucony Cha Cha Pant

Sara-Juno sports bra, New Balance Emissive Long Sleeve and Brooks Playground Jacket

Tyler-Saucony Epic Drylete Sport top, Trigger Point and  Yurbuds

Lora-Brooks Infiniti 1/2 Zip, Brooks Pure Flow and 610 Garmin

Brittany-Champion Double-Dry sports bra, Utopia Thermal Hoodie and Sweatybands

Ben-Brooks Pure Connect, Mizuno Breath Thermo Head Pip and Honey Stinger Waffles

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