The Extra Mile: Nominate Your Nike

I often get asked what I like most about owning a running store. Apart from my addiction to running-related products (21 pairs of sneakers is not excessive, right?), it’s the people who make up our community that I love. Nearly every day I am inspired by someone:

Yesterday it driving by a customer I know is battling cancer as she headed out for her daily run. On Saturday it was joining a diverse group of women for a sunrise hike to celebrate the 40th birthday of a mutual friend whose life has been turned upside down by tragedy.

Last week it was watching over 65 people join our Run for Nepal fundraiser which enabled us to donate $1,500 to a relief fund that, among other initiatives, is helping protect babies from malaria-infected mosquitos. Last month it was a staffer who gave up a sweet perk to make a friend’s dream come true.

And this weekend, a 14 year old girl named Grace will give up her Memorial Day weekend to sell lemonade with the ambitious goal of raising $35,000 for CT Children’s Medical Center to make it a cool $100,000 raised in 7 years. 

I am honored to have a front row seat to the good that runners do. We run this town literally and figuratively. Through impacts small and big, we make our world a better place. And while I wish I could recognize everyone, in honor of our Women’s Annex and Sports Bratique, I am excited to announce a special contest for women. 

In Greek Mythology, Nike is the “Winged Goddess of Victory”. She represents strength and speed.  She rewards the victors of battle with a laurel wreath, signifying glory and fame. In the true spirit of the female goddess Nike, we want to recognize women whose victories make our communities a better place; women in our communities who lift others up and do what people think is impossible. Together with our friends at Nike Running, we are asking you to #NominateYourNike!

You can nominate a friend, colleague, loved one...or yourself!  Nominations are due by Sunday, June 7, 2015. Please get your nominee’s permission before submitting her as we will be highlighting each nominee on our web site to publically recognize the good they do in their communities.  Click here for more details. 

Here’s to celebrating all of our victories!


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