Speed, Strength & Power 5k Training Program

SSP 5k ProgramBegins February 4. 

Improve your 5k time with this specialized 7-week program that aims to fine-tune your race pace through running interval and cross-training workouts designed to develop your speed, strength and power.
Each week you will receive three independent running workouts programmed by Fleet Feet owner, Stephanie Blozy, and two group functional-fitness classes coached by Eric April and Nick Chiovitti at their gym, CrossFit Overrride North, in Avon, CT.
While you should be able to complete the 5k distance (run/walk is fine), you do NOT need any functional fitness/CrossFit experience. Coaches Nick and Eric are excellent teachers and will keep workouts safe and appropriate for runners.
Instead, workouts will focus on body-weight movements, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises and cardio on the Echo Bike and Concept 2 rower which reduce impact on your joints and can help prevent overuse injuries. These workouts will be done as a group to build camaraderie and keep the training fresh, fun and extra effective!
The running workouts are scheduled for Sunday, Tuesday and Friday - though, because those are done on your own (or with some of your new-found running buddies who are also part of the program), you have some freedom to change those days to fit your schedule.
The group fitness classes will be on Wednesday's at 6:30pm and Saturday's at 8am. The workouts may be done independently at a gym if you are unable to make class, but try to join the group because you will get more out of the workout under a coach's watchful eye (plus, it's way more fun with others)!
This program culminates with the O'Hartford 5k on Sunday, March 19 - race entry fee is not included in the program fee.
Need another reason to join? Everyone who completed the program in the Fall hit their goal times for the 5k - many achieved lifetime PR's!
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