Shoe Review: Pearl Izumi N3

Pearl Izumi N3

By Staffer Amy Neumann

After the much anticipated return of a Pearl Izumi shoe, we have the latest and greatest Pearl Izumi Road N3 and it is Fleet Feet Sports Special Edition! The new N3 features the unique eMotion technology that sets this shoe apart from the rest of the super cushioned neutral shoes that are perfect for long runs on the road.

No, this eMotion won't cry with you after a long tempo run or be as excited as you after that next PR on your upcoming Hartford Half Marathon; but it will maximize the cushion of your run and provide lasting comfort for the whole distance. The Energy Foam in the forefoot and heel will return the energy of the impact of the stride into the next, talk about a great ROI (Return On Impact). 

With a Dynamic Offset of 4mm upon initial impact to 7.5mm upon midstance creates the unique motion that is smooth and consistent with every stride. The upper is created using 3D printing to minimize the weight of the shoe, making this highly cushioned shoe different from other models. The shoe is also fairly priced at $130, so cushion doesn't have to be an expensive luxury for runners anymore.

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