CrossFit Half Marathon Training

CrossFit Half MarathonTraining for and completing a Half Marathon is a challenging and rewarding endeavor – especially when you want to improve upon past performance…and not just by a few seconds. Achieving a serious personal best takes commitment, hard-work and dedication. It also means addressing your weaknesses, varying your training and trusting the training plan even if it may seem a bit non-traditional compared to other training programs.

Fleet Feet is excited to partner with Coach Kevin Doyle, owner & head coach at CrossFit Hartford to offer an advanced half marathon training program this summer.

Wait, what?? A CrossFit coach? What does he know about running a half marathon?

“CrossFit” is just a fancy name for a cross-training workout based on functional movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, hinging, twisting and walking. The basic movements of life. The basic movements of running.

If you’ve done other running programs before, you know there is always a day or two set aside for cross-training (you know, the workouts you normally skipped…or just went for an easy run instead). There is a reason for that: cross training is an essential element of running.

Every movement you make starts from the core. Develop a strong core and you will not only see improvements in performance, but it can help prevent injury which allows you to consistently train harder and build upon your successes. Great things happen when you focus on becoming fundamentally strong.

Getting strong and developing your aerobic engine to run strong for 13.1 miles is the goal of this program (well that and working out with other cool people and getting in the best shape of your life). This will happen through a proven training plan that combines running 2-3 days per week with aerobic workouts on rowers and bikes (same sweat-inducing workout as running, only less stressful on your body) and a functional workout designed to improve your overall strength, endurance and power. It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth it!

If you are ready to make the transition from completing to competing; if you are ready to try a training plan that is a bit out of the ordinary (and a whole lot extraordinary), then we’ve got the program for you!  


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