CrossFit for Runners - 8-Class Packs Now On Sale

CrossFit - Give It a Try

Get (cross) fit with us this Fall!  We're partnering with CrossFit Hartford to host CrossFit programs geared towards runners and those looking to improve their overall fitness. Purchase an 8-class pack and get started when it's best for your schedule. 

Cross training is an essential element of running. Every movement you make starts from the core. Develop a strong core and you will not only see improvements in performance, but it can help prevent injury which allows you to consistently train harder and build upon your successes. Great things happen when you focus on becoming fundamentally strong.

Don’t be intimidated by the word “CrossFit”. It is just a fancy name for a workout based on functional movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, hinging, twisting and walking. The basic movements of life. The movements you need to do if you want to live independently as you age.

Yes, the workouts are high-intensity, but they are also quick (8-12 minutes) and produce a copious amount of post-workout endorphins that will leave you exhilarated. Plus, the coaches are truly incredible – knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging. They will modify workouts to keep you safe so even if you have a knee, back or shoulder injury, you can still participate and get your fitness on.

Choose from two class types: FUNdamentals of Fitness (Sunday mornings at 9am) and FIT360 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm) - mix-and match classes as you want. Learn more about the classes here.

Classes will taught by the owners of CrossFit Hartford (Kevin Doyle & Mark Balkun) - some of the best, most-patient, super-encouraging CrossFit coaches in the state. You will find their enthusiasm motivating and their coaching educational.

Each class will last about an hour though the actual workout is usually less than 20 minutes. The rest of class is dedicated to warming-up, stretching and earning the proper movements/technique for each exercise.

No previous CrossFit experience is necessary. If you can't perform an exercise due to an injury or lack of mobility, the coaches will help you modify the workout so you can sweat along side everyone else!

Speaking of sweat, we can guarantee you will, but you will also find yourself laughing, having fun and feeling completely exhilarated. Chances are very good too that you will also see improvements in your running which may very well lead to that elusive PR you've been chasing!

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