Why Would You Ever Want to Try a Tri

By Cindy Baggett

Why would you ever want to try a Tri?  I used to ask myself that question.  I loved running and could not imagine that I would want to swim and bike too.  Truth is I am still a little scared on the bike.  This year I agreed to train with a friend for a half Ironman, my intention was to “just” do the High Point Sprint. (I say “just” because any length of a Tri is an accomplishment.)

I found that I really enjoyed my time in the pool, and it helped me recover from my runs.  I road on a trainer during the week and would venture out on the roads with my friend on the weekend.  I started looking forward to these rides!  So, I did it, I signed up to do a half Ironman!

We trained for 20 weeks to prepare for 70.3 miles.  Managing training in three disciplines can be challenging, but it also adds a lot of variety to your week.  Be prepared, some days you may even do 2 workouts.  The coolest part is after you finish a Tri and you realize you did it, you are a Triathlete!  Would I do it again?  Yes!

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