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Streakers' 20th Session Starts September 10th

Hiya, current Streakers and Streakers-to-be!

Seven years and 10 days ago, our very first group of Streakers, 20 runners strong, kicked ass at completed the Battle of the Triad Half Marathon.  Fast forward to now, and Streakers is entering its 20th session and has cumulatively welcomed 550+ runners into its family.  I mean, that’s a big family...

So, like any big family, we’ve had our ups and downs.  Like, for example, Alexis Morris got run over by a deer on a training run (<-- that’s a down).  True story (she’s fine in case you were worried). Barb Lukos dropped the first-ever f-bomb at me while climbing a hill at the end of a race, opening the door for many more to follow (<-- is that an up or a down!?).  No worries, I have pretty thick skin (in case you were worried again). We have our first official met-in-Streakers Streaker wedding coming up this fall (<-- that’s a major up!) and will therefore start incorporating dancing into our cross-training routine (not kidding!  runners are not that coordinated!).

I could go on and on, as we have lots of fun stories to tell.  Therefore, despite the 25+ Boston Marathon qualifiers we’ve produced, the thousands of PRs that have been crushed, and an average PR rate of over 80% among all sessions, what makes this group most special are the relationships built and the fun memories made.  I never imagined seven years ago that this family would grow so big, but it fills my heart (yeah, yeah, I’ve had two kids in these years too, so I’m all sappy now…) with so much joy. I hope you’ll join us for our 20th session, set to begin on Monday; I promise you much success and a heckuva lotta fun and laughs along the way!

Streak on!
Coach Jen    


Training for and completing a Half Marathon (13.1M) is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Participants in this 14-week program will benefit from our professional head coaches, experienced mentors, and managed group workouts on Greensboro's best paths, as well as access to an extensive lineup of health care professionals and informational clinics on nutrition, hydration, gear, injury prevention, stretching techniques, and more.



From short to long distances our programs put you in the best position to get from point A to point B, whether the distance between points be 3 miles or 50.


The Details:
Coach: Jen Goff, USATF and RRCA certified
Dates: September 10 - December 6
Group Runs: Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm; Saturday mornings

Where to Meet
Want to just try it for run? Come do a free trial run with us!
Monday, September 10th at 6:00pm at Fleet Feet Greensboro

What Makes This Different

from anything you've done before are the people. The people who will coach you, the people who will support you and the people who will make you want to come out and run in the heat because it's just better doing it with them.

From those who have lived it

"Eighteen months ago, I was not a runner, I did not like running. I entered a 5K, with a goal of 36 min. I beat my goal and I was hooked on running. I am running my first Half Marathon next week. I attribute my success to hard work, an amazing group of people called STREAKERS, who were incredibly encouraging and supportive of my progress and Coach Jen Goff, who designed a plan for me to follow to continue to get stronger and faster. "

"Streakers is the best fit for any runner looking to improve at any level. As casual or intense as you make it. Tons of fun and supportive people, great coaching and race support. I think I'm getting faster and more focused after this season and look forward to more gains in the next. "

"If you are looking to get faster or stronger with your runs or just maybe want to run with others just as crazy as you are, then Streakers is for you. I went from running 6 miles @ 9:20 pace to my first half-marathon @ 8:20 pace after the first class, and I am on my way to my first full marathon with the second class."

"Let me just say that joining Streakers was one of the best decisions I have made. I have met some of my best friends, run my best times, gained so much confidence and have gotten the advice of an amazing coach whenever I need it! The plans Jen gives us are priceless. I love my Streaker family! "

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