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Saucony PowerGrid Ride 7 Review

Saucony PowerGrid Ride 7	The Saucony PowerGrid Ride is the seventh generation neutral shoe. It is lightweight and extremely responsive. Saucony has begun to most of their shoes on an 8-millimeter heel to toe drop. This philosophy believes that the 8mm drop allows the Achilles tendon to act as a spring whether a person is a heel, mid-foot or forefoot striker. The drop allows the runner to move naturally and smoothly through his/her gait cycle.

I first tested the Rides out during the Race the Bar 8K. I do not suggest trying out a new pair of shoes at for the first time during a race setting, but as the saying goes: “When in Rome.” As a mid-foot striker I was pleasantly surprised with the level of cushioning, yet responsiveness of the shoe. The cushion allowed my foot to land without too much impact, but then instead of sinking into the cushion I snapped right off the ground with ease and control. The shoe’s overall all fit is snug,to a point that the forefoot was a little snug on the outside, but not to the point where it created irritation. Overall, I enjoyed the ride during the race as well as the other runs I have spent in the Rides. It truly helped me #findyourstrong!

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