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Run Signature Comes to Greensboro

Have you heard of Run Signature yet?

Brooks Run Signature is the latest in running shoe fit technology and Fleet Feet Greensboro is the only place you will find it in the Carolinas. By analyzing your stride with Run Signature we are able to make the best possible running shoe recommendation for your needs. Run Signature celebrates your individual running style and finds the best shoe for you using a combination of guidance and experience.

But what exactly does Guidance and Experience mean?

Guidance vs. Experience

Guidance is how much your shoe guides your stride. Everyone has a natural stride and therefore needs varying amounts of guidance when it comes to picking a running shoe.

With Run Signature we can track your alignment while you run. If your natural alignment stays in its preferred way while you’re running then a neutral shoe is probably best for you. If your body naturally moves outside of your preferred alignment while you run then a support shoe is probably best for you. Supports shoes gently correct your alignment so you can run more comfortably and efficiently.

Experience, every running experience is different and which running shoe is best for you depends on the experience you’re seeking. With Run Signature we cater to 4 different kinds of experiences:

  1. Cushion: Cushion is just how it sounds! Soft & Protective midsole absorbs impact and  makes for a smooth and comfortable run.

  2. Energize: For a responsive, springy ride, we sculpt our midsole to return energy back to you along with ample adaptive cushioning to lift you and create a run that feels easier.

  3. Connect: Connect is the most natural run experience. We sculpt an adaptable and segmented midsole that disperses force in every direction for a more agile feel.

  4. Speed: If you have a need for speed, we recommend asculpted sole that contains and instantly returns the full amount of energy you generate. This promotes maximum efficiency and makes the most of your effort.


To find out what kind of guidance you need and what experience is right for you, schedule a Run Signature appointment, Today!

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