Addaday Magic Review

I purchased the Magic massage tool by Addaday about 2 weeks ago. What an amazing addition to our household as my husband I are runners and 2 of our three daughters are golfers. The Magic is so beneficial for many areas of the body. It can be strapped to a chair and used on any part of the back, I have also used it on my neck, but my favorite use is to set it on the ground and let it do its "magic" on my calf muscles. Wow!! Love it! My daughters have set it on a table to work on their arms to help loosen soreness after a workout to strengthen their golf swing. And if of you are dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, which most people do at some point and time, you can set the magic on the floor, place your foot on it and Bam! Feels amazing! Lastly, you can choose to add heat to your massage, just an extra push of the button and your massage just got that even better. I really can't say enough about this new product. It retails for $95 and it is worth every penny. This is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Cherie Witte

Addaday MagicAddaday Magic

Addaday MagicAddaday Magic

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