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7 Tips for Running in the Cold

Warm up & stretch - Really this applies to any exercising you plan on doing, but it is especially important in cold weather climates.  Do some jump rope, run in place or take some runs up and down the stairs.  You want your muscles to be warm before entering the arctic conditions.  This will help prevent injuries and pulled muscles starting quickly in the cold weather.

Buddy up - Stay motivated and find a friend to run with.  Group runs and training programs will help keep you motivated as the weather turns.  Join the High Point Pub Runs or the Greensboro Beginner Runs on Tuesday nights.  Finish with some beer to warm you up!

Wear cold weather shoes - Keep your feet as warm as possible and keep moisture out!  Arm your feet with shoes that have the least amount of mesh possible.  Wear socks that wick away wetness but keep your feet warm.

Layer up - Dress in layers!  Mittens and a stocking hat will also help keep your extremities warm during your run.  In 30 degree weather, a good rule of thumb is 2 tops (a long sleeve base layer such as the Mizuno Breathe Thermo and a vest), 1 bottom (tights).

Deal with the wind - Start your run against the wind and finish with the wind at your back.  This will allow you to avoid wind blasting in your face after you have already broken a sweat.  Wear a windproof layer that can be vented as well.  (example of one we sell in the shop?)

Be seen - with limited daylight, chances are you will be running in dim light.  If there is snow or rain in the mix, it becomes even more difficult for drivers to see you.

Get warm postrun - whether you are running in the rain, the snow or just cold weather, change quickly when you get home into some dry clothes and get warm.  You don't want to get sick while you hang out in your layers that got sweaty during your run.

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