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Time to Spring-Clean Your Workout Routine?

Has your fitness routine gotten a little stale or boring lately?

Even our training/workout routines sometimes need a little spring cleaning! DON'T QUIT, just make some simple changes to infuse a little fresh energy into your workout:

Make It Social: Sign up for a new training challenge, make a workout date with friends (or make some new friends who love to do what you do), or join a running/walking club. There are all sorts of free resources and groups in the community.

Update Your Running/Walking Wardrobe: We already know shoes and sports bras don't like to see a birthday or an anniversary, but any new item, even just a flashy headband or white socks, can help you look forward to the next workout.

New Scenery: Have you been indoors for a while? Time to take the dog for a walk & check out the local trail system. Soak up the fresh air & sunshine and enjoy your surroundings.

Add Tunes: Have you updated your playlist lately? Add the upbeat ones that make you want to move.


Something new will keep your workouts fresh, fun, and motivating!

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