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Safety tips as you run or walk!

As taken from the Winnebago, Wisconsin Sheriff's Office Facebook page: Stay safe as you run or walk! 
Visit the Department's Web page.

A facebook fan asked us to post some tips for people who run or walk alone. I think these are great suggestions, for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Do you have some others?

  • Always tell someone where you are going.
  • Stay on well traveled and well lit roads. Don’t take short cuts through woods, poorly lit areas, etc.
  • If possible, run with a dog, a group or at least one other person.
  • Ditch the headphones.
  • Bring your phone.
  • If someone looks shady to you, cross the street or go the other way.
  • Vary your routes. Don’t be predictable.
  • Know where you’re going. Looking confused and lost can make you a target.
  • Don’t be distracted. Perpetrators specifically look for people who aren’t 100% aware of their surroundings.
  • Consider taking a self defense class. You never know when you might need these skills.
  • Have an air of confidence. Walk or run tall with your head up.
  • Trust your gut. If something/someone doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
  • If attacked, do everything in your power to not be taken to another location.

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