Our Favorite Trail Running Shoes for Spring 2023

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful information. From training tips, to gear reviews, there is something for everyone! If you are a trail run veteran, or new to trails, here are some new trail shoes to take on those trail adventures.

The days are growing longer, the temperatures growing warmer and the trails are calling. Whether you're new to the trails or a single-track diehard, spring is a great time to get off the road, explore and switch up your routine with a trail run.

When you head out on the dirt, it’s important to have the right shoes for trail running. What’s the difference between road running shoes and trail running shoes? Trail running shoes protect your feet when you go off road in ways that road running shoes can’t. They offer lugs and a softer rubber outsole for reliable traction to help you grip the ground and extra protection in the toe cap and in the midsole to shield you from rocks and roots.

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