Our Favorite Running Gear for Marathons and Ultramarathons

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! This blog post breaks down some of our favorite gear for 26.2 or longer!!

The marathon is perhaps the most iconic race distance.

At 26.2 miles, the marathon’s sheer length makes it a daunting physical challenge, and the time you spend on your feet is an equal test of your mental toughness.

The sub-two hour marathon is one of the greatest tests of the limits of human performance. The barrier has yet to be broken even as shoe companies make running shoes more efficient.

If 26.2 miles wasn’t enough for you, there’s also a growing number of ultramarathons that push you even farther out of your comfort zone.

So if you signed up for a marathon (or beyond), you need running gear that will help you along the way. With technical running shirts and hydration vests built specifically for long distances, this marathon running gear will be with you from start to finish.

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