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Make-It-A-Mile Training Program

New for 2013, Fleet Feet Sports is partnering with Affinity Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine & Nike to introduce a safe, fun, coach-led 4-week walking/running program intended to jump start the health of the community. The Make-It-A-Mile Program includes a safe, guided training plan designed to allow individuals to work at their own pace in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment.

Programs like this are critical for the health of our community. Results from the 2010-2011 Fox Cities LIFE (Leading Indicators for Excellence) Study* confirm that in 2010, 28% of Fox Cities residents were obese (with Body Mass Index of 30 or higher) and 62% of Fox Cities adults were obese or overweight.

In a community where more than one-third of residents report having high blood pressure (2010 Fox Cities LIFE Study), programs that improve heart health and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease are imperative. The Make-It-A-Mile program targets those overwhelmed by the notion of getting moving, individuals wanting to safely transition from walking to running, and people who need the accountability and support of a group to keep them motivated. Throughout the program, participants will also be introduced to additional tools and resources within the community that will support them on their road to success. The first program begins in early-April.

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