How to Use the Run Walk Method

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If you run, you are a matter how many walking breaks you take. In fact, the run walk method is actually a secret weapon for runners of all ability levels, not just beginners.

The run walk method is exactly what it sounds like. You run for a period of time and follow it up with a walking break. However, this “break” is not complete rest. Instead, it’s a form of active recovery.

The run walk method allows beginners to run farther, which exponentially increases the fitness benefits of the workout. This technique can also be used by experienced runners, allowing for longer periods at a more intense effort.

The creation of the run walk method is attributed to Jeff Galloway, who created the program in 1974. Galloway introduced the method to his class of non-runner and beginner runners, and quickly found it was the ideal way to increase fitness while minimizing injury risk.

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