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How to Take a Break From Running

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! This blog covers how to take a break from running.

Kenya is home to some of the fastest, most dedicated runners in the world. Before the sun even rises in Iten—a small village in the Rift Valley that attracts elites and aspiring elites in droves—hundreds of men and women can be found jogging the dirt roads that extend in every direction from town.

They put their longest miles in early, when temperatures are best and traffic is minimal. Most will add on a recovery run in the afternoon; a select few may even do a third. Mileage ranging from 80 to 140 per week is common, and it will feature a steady blend of fartleks, track sessions, hills and long runs, all at a lung-searing altitude of almost 8,000 feet.

This is how the best runners in the world train 11 months out of the year. As for the 12th?

They rest.

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