How to make the most of your Garmin watch

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For runners, walkers, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts, a GPS smart watch like a Garmin is essential. If you want to know how far you’ve run (and who doesn’t?), a Garmin watch makes tracking your mileage and measuring your pace is now easier than ever before.

And distance tracking is really just the beginning. In fact, given what Garmin watches are capable of now, as life-changing as distance and pace tracking is for a runner, the feature is now a bit basic. Garmin offers a wide range of models with different functionality, from more basic models to those with highly advanced technology. For runners, even a fairly basic model provides valuable data that can inform and elevate your fitness routine and help you stay motivated to keep working toward your goals. This article is not geared toward one particular Garmin model, but describes features that are available on many different models. To learn more about what each model offers, check out the Garmin website.

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