How Gratitude Can Make You a Better Runner (and Human!)

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! Check out a recent post about how gratitude can make you a better runner, and help in every day life too!

The running world is full to bursting with obsessively researched workouts to lower your times, nutrition tips to fuel your body, and recovery methods to help you do it all again tomorrow. In fact, the process of developing faster, stronger athletes has become so exact that training often resembles a science.

Runners can use VO2 Max and training paces to predict race times to the nearest tenth of a second. Shoes are engineered to propel the body forward as efficiently as possible. Nearly every step you take can be carefully calculated to achieve the optimum end result. So why not prioritize and practice mental health training with the same vigor?

Truthfully, the role of the mind in race performance is anything but straightforward. Every season, some of the most talented and dedicated athletes step up to the start line after months of perfect training, only to come up short.

Mentality plays such a crucial role in the ability to compete and perform, but training the mind to assist instead of sabotage is a daunting task. It’s too much to expect that the average runner has the time, funds, or even desire to work with a sports psychologist or mental coach. Luckily, there is a simple process to start exercising the mind to improve your training, and it begins with being grateful.

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