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From the Back Office: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn." --John A. Maxwell

Our Owners Leah and Jeremy are working hard not only on the sales floor, but behind the scenes to bring you the best Fleet Feet Sports experience! And as you know, they love to share their knowledge! The latest message from Leah....(most likely written From the Back Office). 

Wow, universe, you've done it again. Served up a lesson I was not expecting but was in a position to receive. Had I not already been lying down when this comment was made by my early morning yoga instructor, I'm certain it would have physically knocked me over.

Success--on the job, in your relationships, with your FITness goals--takes learning to understand and improve on failures, challenges, mishaps. It takes a growth mindset; being open to adjustments (we won't use the word correction) and awareness that your "...abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work". It takes receptivity for the message and the takeaways buried within, rather than seeing and feeling judgement or inadequacy. Mindset. Celebration. Learning.

Do you know why we're more than just a running store? Because when you journey with us, you learn. You stretch your boundaries. You have the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and GROW.

Which direction will YOU stretch yourself in the coming weeks and months? In 2017? Maybe you'll stretch yourself with us!

-Leah "Stretching-So-Much-It-Heals" Schapiro

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