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From the Back Office: "I never want to be a browser again."

Our Owners Leah and Jeremy are working hard not only on the sales floor, but behind the scenes to bring you the best Fleet Feet Sports experience! And as you know, they love to share their knowledge! The latest message from Leah....(most likely written From the Back Office). 
"I never want to be a browser again."
--Lucy Olive Schapiro, age 5 1/2

When you don't return with your book on library day, you take on the temporary title 'browser'. Look. Read. Wander. No checking out. No new story at bedtime. To a Kindergartner, the delineation is pretty clear.

Ever felt like a browser? Left flipping through the all-too-familiar corner selection. Ever seen someone pass by your front window and felt a twinge of jealousy? Celebrated someone's race medal on Facebook and told yourself (perhaps even announced publicly) it could never be you? Completed a half-marathon but applied a self-imposed limitation that you could never go farther?

At nearly 6, my daughter recognizes that at least one situation is within her control. How extraordinary! She knows what steps she needs to take and what circumstances she wants to impact. She's identified in that one statement that it will take planning and preparation, but that she has the COMPLETE ability to determine the title applied to her.

Chose not to be a browser.
 Chose to participate in your life. Get out of your comfort zone and dip your toe in the space where growth happens. Be intentional with your choices and prepare accordingly. Set yourself up for success. It almost always sounds easier than it is, but the choice is still always yours.

We're here to help. Put your library book in your library bag and come see us. We don't want you to be a browser either.

See you on the streets or in the store,

-Leah and Jeremy Schapiro
and the Fleet Feet Sports Team

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