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From the Back Office: Happy November!

Our Owners Leah and Jeremy are working hard not only on the sales floor, but behind the scenes to bring you the best Fleet Feet Sports experience! And as you know, they love to share their knowledge! The latest message from Leah....(most likely written From the Back Office). 

Happy November!

I had the pleasure of meeting John Bingham once. Twice actually. What a treat, especially after reading his Runner's World column for so many years. He truly embodies the notion of enjoying running, whatever your ability. Isn't it amazing how often we get in our own way of success? If there's one word that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, it's the word JUST. I hear it all the time in the store; "I'm just a walker." "I just do half marathons." JUST is a judgmental word, is it not? It's a qualifier. I move to strike it from our vocabulary. No more downgrading/diminishing our accomplishments.

On a totally different note, hasn't this unusually mild weather been a treat? I've been running a few days a week with some girlfriends at 5AM and I'd go so far as to call it enjoyable! Remember, exercise caution and good sense when you're out there early or late; use only one headphone, run/walk with a buddy, and have 360-degree reflectivity, meaning drivers can see your 'stripes and spots' from EVERY angle.

Are you guilty of being a Running Ninja? Does it sound like someone you care about? Keep reading for some additional tips and gear that should make your gift-giving list.

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