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From the Back Office: Are You Ready to get EXTREME?

Our Owners Leah and Jeremy are working hard not only on the sales floor, but behind the scenes to bring you the best Fleet Feet Sports experience! And as you know, they love to share their knowledge! The latest message from Leah....(most likely written From the Back Office). 

Are you into self-improvement? I am! My favorite concept recently has been understanding and applying "extreme ownership"--not just being in charge and/or responsible in title. Recognizing that no matter the circumstances, you have the ability to take control only when you completely own your role in whatever is in front of you. Responsible for your actions, your development, your choices regardless of the cards you were dealt or the things out of your control. We apply it every day at Fleet Feet Sports in our drive to be innovative in our programming, challenge our team, and our in engagement with you!

The same applies to how to decide the next 4 months are going to look--colder weather, darker days, holiday events/travel/schedules. Will you take EXTREME OWNERSHIP of removing the barriers to your more healthy self? Will you find ways to maintain your current fitness level or start building what tomorrow will look like? Will you explore the outdoors and embrace the Wisconsin weather we will be dealt? Because believe me, folks, it's coming! Good news for you, WE'RE READY!! 

We'll just leave this here....

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