From Overweight to Ultramarathons, Joe Randene Is Out To Prove Anyone Can Run

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information!  Meet Joe Randene, who is out to prove that anyone can run.

Ultrarunner Joe Randene is the General Manager at Fleet Feet High Point and Greensboro, North Carolina. He already finished two 100-mile races (among many races of other distances), and is chasing down the goal to compete at the Western States 100-mile trail run.

If you looked at Randene today, you wouldn’t guess the now 48-year-old was 130 pounds overweight in 2014 and in fear that his always-working, barely-moving lifestyle would send him to an early grave.

He couldn’t run 100 feet much less dream of running 100 miles one day.

He might tell you that running hasn’t just changed his life; it is his life. After he took up trail running, Joe quit his high-stress senior executive job and went to work for Fleet Feet.

“It’s been an amazing journey. I’m the happiest guy in the world,” says Randene. “I wake up every day and I have time to run and train. And I work for a store that supports people being active.”

In a phone interview with Fleet Feet, Randene talks about his transformation, why he runs ultras and how he wants to use running to help other people change their lives, too.

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