From Movement to Meditation

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! On Ambassador Kait Hurley shares why movement and meditation go hand in hand!

On ambassador Kait Hurley is a mindful movement entrepreneur based in Portland, OR, who developed the “Move + Meditate®" method after years of difficulty “sitting” as a competitive athlete.

The theory behind the practice is simple: sweat and get your heart pumping first in order to use your post-workout endorphins to maximize the mediation experience. According to Hurley’s website, her tried-and-true formula makes you “less antsy and more open to the experience of meditating.”

We caught up with Hurley last week to ask her a few questions (below) and then move through a few runner-specific stretch, strength and stability exercises with her on Instagram LIVE, followed by a few moments of stillness.

Read the full blog here! 


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