Cultivating a Love for Running

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information!  RUNGRL shared this blog on cultivating a love for running! (What is your "why?")

The feeling of fresh air on your face and the steady pace of your feet hitting the pavement all build up to the “runner’s high” so many runners have come to love. But what happens when the endorphins fade and you can’t seem to get that loving feeling for running back?

Let’s face it, running is hard. From aches and injuries to busy schedules and low motivation, sometimes it’s just not fun. A few lackluster runs and you may start to wonder if this running “thing” is really still for you.

To keep the passion for running alive, it’s important to dig deep and find the true reasons that motivate you to get out there. Is it the health benefits or weight loss goals? Is it training for the thrill of a race or medal?

Finding your “why” is crucial to developing a real love of running. It’s what will make the difference on cold mornings and after tough days at work--a lasting dedication to a long-term relationship instead of just a passing fling.

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