Chasing the Comma: One runner's 1,000-Day Run Streak Journey.

Run streaking takes a lot: A strong mental game, motivation, the right gear, and all the miles! But for Amy, it even takes friendship, stairwells, and laps around the neighborhood!

In 2020, a year when many things were cancelled, running was one of thing that wasn’t. Many people tried a run streak to keep them moving forward when races were cancelled. It’s something that Amy continued during the pandemic, and she hit day 1,000 on Jan. 23, 2021. (She’s still streaking into February!) Read all about how this wife, mom and registered nurse keeps the streak going, even with this frigid cold weather upon us!

Q: When did the idea of a run streak pop into your head?
“I actually started one about a year and half prior to the start of this one and got hurt and had to stop before I hit 100 days. After moving here from the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), life had gotten crazy and I needed something to get “me” back and thought it was a great chance to try to hit that 100-day streak... and so the streak began.” (The current streak began May 1, 2018.)

Q: Did you ever have any days where it was really a struggle to get out? If so, what did you do on those days to keep going?
“There were a couple days early on that I was sick, and I literally ran circles in my neighborhood for that minimal 1 mile just to keep it alive. I have also had to run laps in hotel hallways and up and down the stairwells while traveling for work because I didn’t know how safe the area was and the treadmills were being used.”

Q: Do you have any favorite runs that stick out in your mind during this streak?
“To be honest... so many!! There have been many MRTT (Moms Run This Town) group runs, much needed solo head clearing miles on days that were emotionally hard, and so many miles with my core group that have given me lifelong memories!! The relationships that have been made while on this journey are what will stay with me forever!” 

Q: So you have earned your comma for completing 1,000 days. Congratulations!! Explain the background behind the comma.
“In the world of run streakers, the comma is one of those major milestones that seems unreachable. It wasn’t ‘till I passed day 500 that I even considered aiming for comma as my next goal! My 1,000th day was a very emotional run, there were so many amazing women that showed up that morning to support me that it brought me to tears. This might sound so cheesy, but I am not normally I person that feels like my running goals are a big deal, but this, this felt like a huge accomplishment.” 

Q: Now that you have completed 1,000 days, are you still streaking? What are some of your running goals for this year?
“I am still streaking and not sure I could just stop at this point. I plan to stay smart and just keep going as long as I can. Forest Gump day is next (day 1,171.) My big goal for this year is to complete the Dawn to Dusk 15.5 hour ultra in June.” 

Q: What is your favorite post-run treat or snack?
*After a long run a chocolate protein shake and then once my stomach kicks back in... French fries.”

Q: For someone who wants to start a run streak, any advice?
“Start easy, keep the miles lower, and remember to have a couple 1 mile days as your rest days. Plan for your miles, make it a part of your daily schedule, like brushing your teeth. Stay hydrated, and really, most importantly... have fun with it!!” 

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