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Can Social Media Make You a Faster Runner?

The truth about training in the digital age

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! If you are lacking motivation in your training, turn to social media!

Antoine Fitzgerald is like many of us. He doesn’t like running in the heat. He hates sliding around in the snow. On days where the 35-year-old accountant has to make a four-hour round-trip commute from his home in Virginia to his office in Washington D.C., simply finding the motivation to run at all can feel daunting.

For those days Fitzgerald has a plan. He opens his phone or logs onto his computer. He clicks on Strava or Instagram. And within seconds, a mental switch gets flipped.

“I wake up to see so many runners have gotten their run in no matter how bad the weather is,” he says. “Seeing my competition not making any excuses motivates me not to slack off.”

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