3 Effective Treadmill Workouts to Run When the Weather is Bad

The Fleet Feet Blog is full of helpful (and sometimes tasty!) information! The winter weather is coming: Check out these treadmill workouts when the outdoor conditions are less than ideal! 

If you are like most runners, the crisp winter air is a welcome break from the triple digits temps many regions suffered through over the summer. And, not only do we feel better, but cooler temperatures enhance running performance since it’s physiologically easier to run when the body doesn’t have to work hard to maintain its core temperature.

But when it comes to running, winter isn’t all a bed of roses. The shorter days, frigid temps and Jack Frost’s ice-covered roads all wreak havoc on our training schedules and outdoor runs.

When faced with the dilemma of bundling up for a cold, dark run, consider hitting the treadmill where you have full control of climate, visibility and terrain specifics. Plus, it’s safe at any time of the day or night.

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