(Video) Fleet Feet Sports Finds Ways to Promote Healthier Environment



Tara Petitt:

A new local athletic clothing store has found a way to "Go Green" in more ways than one. 

Fleet Feet Sports is a new local business here in Fort Wayne that specializes in fitness gear but along with providing top of the line fitness wear, Fleet Feet also promotes creating a healthier environment.

"We're all about trying to be green and trying to prevent anymore damage to our environment", says Kevin Croy.  His store is making several strides to carry biodegradable products and provide a unique service to their customers.

"We don't use plastic water bottles."

Bottled water wastes fossil fuels in production and transport and 75% of the empty plastic bottles end up in our landfills, lakes, streams, and oceans where they may never fully decompose.

"On our water station, it shows how many bottles we've saved the environment by not being disposed of in a dump site."  It's reusable, it's healthy, it's not getting all of those minerals that you don't want that's contamination and it's completely natural."

Fleet Feet is also a vender for Brooks' new innovative biodegradable tennis shoes.  Traditional tennis shoes contain components that can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill.  With this new design known as Biomogo, shoes degrade 50 times faster than the standard midsole.

"If you're a trail runner and you wanna be outside on the trails, it makes sense to maybe have a biodegradable shoe that helps the environment that you're running in."

Another unique product you can find at Fleet Feet is their "Moving Comfort" sports bras.  Recycled coffee grounds are constructed into the cups of their sports bras as a way to control moisture and provide odor control.

"They're ecofriendly, they're made from coffee grounds so they absorb the moisture.  The smell that most of your sports bras will get with residue and they're 100% natural."

"We're all about fitness and we're all about health but if your environment is polluted, it's not gonna be a really good place to go run or walk or do any kind of fitness outside." 

With more and more people and businesses going green, Fleet Feet Sports is on the bandwagon, providing environmentally friendly and innovative services and products. 

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