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It's our Birthday! And we're celebrating with RUNGO August 2nd - August 8th.

RUNGO is like BINGO, but with a twist!

1) Complete ONE row of squares (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and win a Vintage Fleet Feet Shirt

2) Complete the WHOLE board and be entered to win the GRAND prize

3) You may only check off two run/walk squares per a run/walk, you may check off up to three boxes per a day.

4) Game begins August 2nd and ends August 8th

5) Honor system! Take a picture of each completed task/square and post it to the Birthday Rungo Facebook event page so that we can keep you accountable. If you do not have a Facebook, you can still participate for fun!

6) When you RUNGO (BINGO) post it to your social media and tag us @fleetfeetftw in your picture. This step is required to win a prize!

7) We will draw a winner and have prizes available for pickup on August 9th.

8) Have FUN!


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