FREE Good Form Running Clinic with New Balance

Watch and learn from the best on how you can improve your running form. This is a FREE clinic. If you are attending the clinic please wear your favorite running gear and feel free to join our Half Marathon Training group or No Boundaries 5K/10K Group for a run after the Clinic.

We will cover the following:

1.Good Form Running Introduction
2.Four Points of GFR in action
3.Point #1 Posture
4.Point #2 Midfoot
5.Point #3 Cadence
6.Point #4 Lean
7.Transitioning to Good Form Running
8.Forefoot vs. Midfoot vs. Heel Strike


"Looking back, I wish I knew how important form was in preventing injuries. I believe with proper form, I can run healthy for the rest of my life."

-Grant Robison, 2004 Olympian, 1500m

"After years of injuries, Good Form Running has me training pain free."

-John Benedict, co-founder of GFR and veteran runner

Ann C. 

I'm faster! By utilizing gravity and landing on my midfoot, I've been able to shorten my stride and increase my speed.

Brad S. 

(Since GFR) No injuries, can recover faster compared to running with heel strike stride. Faster times.

Heather T. 

It helped transition me from a "non-runner" to a "runner". My prior attempts to start running never got me very far. I was always limited by pain (mainly shin splints) and was never able to get past teh two mile mark. Since doing the clinic, I have been able to run routinely and even.

Andrew E. 

I have learned to run more efficiently and have gained confidence at running faster paces.

Nichole T. 

(GFR) gave me the cofidence to run a longer distance.

Ray M. 

No more achilles pain in one foot. Reduced achilles pain in the other foot.

Mark K. 

(GFR) Made me open my eyes to the damage of such a long stride, that I was previously so "proud" of.

Edwin C.

I'm more efficient and I don't get hurt as often.

Eilene P. 

My knees no longer ache after running.

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