Let's Get Visible! Tips for early morning & nighttime runners.


Seeing is believing. And being seen is even more important. Now that it’s low visibility season, it’s time to break out the safety lights and gear!

Below are some easy tips for running before sunrise and after sunset:

  • Be Visible

    • It’s likely that cars will not be able to see you immediately in the dark. While most running shoes and clothing has reflectivity already on it, wearing brighter colors and adding a reflective vest to the mix will help you be seen from further away.

  • Run Against Traffic

    • Running against the flow of traffic on the road is a necessary precaution. By running on the left side of the road you will be able to see on coming cars and they you. However, whenever possible, running on sidewalks will always be the safer option.

  • Lights, lights, & more lights

    • Wear blinkie lights on the front and back of your body (clipping them to your reflective vest works well). Additionally, always wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight, even if you’re running in a well-lit area. This will illuminate your path and also alert oncoming traffic. Even adding a handheld flashlight or a headlamp will make it easier to see any obstacles you might miss otherwise

  • Always Let Someone Know

    • Get into a habit of letting someone know where abouts and when you are running. Or even running with a group or a buddy, there is safety in numbers. However, consider this, with all the mobile technology at our fingertips, try sharing your location. Someone should have an idea of where you are at all times!   

  • Be Aware & Alert

    • Ditching your music should be considered an automatic on dark runs, being able to hear everything around you can give a huge advantage. Also, be sure to change up your routes from time to time, you never want to be totally predictable. Follow your instincts is No. 1, if you have a gut feeling about a certain route, be sure that you get to a safe place immediately.

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