What is Essential Race Day: A Checklist

Race-day checklist

5K and 10K season is upon us. If you’ve been training up to these distances this season, congrats! They aren’t always easy to stick with! But, race day is a whole other kind of training. Sometimes you need a little guidance and direction to preparing for the perfect 5K or 10K race day. Below we have complied a small list of things that will make race day seamless!

  1. Pre-Race Eats.

Though we know it can be tough to eat pre-race, it really can make or break your race day run. Try to consume between 200 and 300 calories about 90 mins before race time, and make sure that if you have a sensitive stomach that it isn’t too greasy. Toast, bananas, apples, oatmeal; these are all great pre-race snacks.

  1. Shoes that work for you.

Be sure that the shoe fits. It’s important that by race day you’ve had time to break in a pair of properly fitting running shoes. Comfort is definitely key, but be sure that your shoe isn’t so worn in that you can cause more harm than good while you’re out on course. Check your tread and listen to your body so that if you need a new pair before race day comes you have been re-fitted/re-measured to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

  1. Say no to cotton socks.

If you have any cotton socks in your drawer, now is the time to get rid of them. Race day or not, a good pair of moisture-wicking socks are essential to getting you safely from start to finish blister or hot spot free. And, they’ll last longer.

  1. Water bottles pre- & post-race.

5Ks & 10Ks while shorter races, it is still essential to hydrate well. This is essential the day before race day, so try and double down your hydration the days leading up to race day. Post-race this is also important as your body has lost a significant amount of water and electrolytes, so be sure to have water or some form of hydration ready to follow up your big run.

  1. A smart watch for tracking pace and mileage.

Wearing a GPS watch (like a Garmin watch) will help you keep track of your race so you can stay on goal pace … or push past it!

  1. Weather appropriate apparel and a change of clothes.

How’s the weather? Get prepped for race day by checking the weather and having the appropriate apparel out for that day. This includes having an outfit ready to go for post-race as well, on a cold day or an overly hot one you will thank yourself for that extra set of comfy and dry clothing. A good rule of thumb for running garb: dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it actually is; you’re going to heat up.

  1. Massage can be key.

Be sure to roll out any sore or weak feeling muscles post-race. Even if you don’t have your handy Addaday stick roller with you on race site. You may want that foam roller at home ready to go so that you can recover faster with a great cool down. You won’t regret it.

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