Pro-Tec Athletics Acuball Rollers

Pro-Tec Acuball

It is truly a ‘must have’ for those athletes who suffer for neck, shoulder, back, and even foot pain.

These rollers are more unique compared to some predecors since they are able to be heated in the microwave or boiled. This will allow for all the ‘acupoints’ on the rollers to help relax and stimulate blood flow to those key sore points. This sensation is supposed to mimic similar effects that come from receiving acupuncture; i.e. stimulating the central nervous system, allowing for muscles to relax and releasing ‘toxins’ that build up on muscle groups.

The acuBall’s patented design features safely apply 100% natural acupressure and heat:

  • Relaxing tight muscles & connective tissue
  • Enhance joint movement
  • Stimulating blood flow to oxygenate tissue & flush out built up muscle wastes
  • Releasing natural painkillers and sedatives relaxing the central nervous system

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