On Shoes: Cross Training & Running Friendly!

On Running, they’ve hit the US with full force this last year. We have been especially impressed with the whirlwind that is this Swiss based brand. Fleet Feet Fort Mill brought in the hot running shoes in multiple styles and colors last June; where their popularity has grown for more than just the running community. For those athletes using their shoe for more than simply running or walking, On may be the brand for you.

 There’s a variety of On models, but the most important part of finding a shoe is the FIT. At Fleet Feet Fort Mill we have a special FIT process to outfit your feet properly. This will include a scan on our signature fit id™ where we can correctly determine the shape of your foot. To follow a specialist will help to analyze your personal gait, this will help us to pick the correct On for your workouts, whether they’ll be used for cross training or runs.

On Variety You’ll notice immediately that unlike other brands of running shoes, On has unique CloudTec® pods that make up the outsole of each shoe. Every On has a different amount of pods to offer fluctuating amounts of cushion or responsiveness. On also equips all their shoes with a speedboards. On Speedboards will support the natural rolling motion of your foot. Every speedboard is adapted to each model to ensure that the shoe will work in synch to move with you. The shoes are also insanely lightweight. It is literally On’s tagline to “Run on Clouds”, and trust us this shoe is light just like a cloud is.

What will determine how much CloudTec®  and Speedboard is the proper amount of support will depend solely on you and your personal preferences. So, if you’re looking for a shoe that will move individually with you during your workouts, On is probably the brand for you!

Get FIT for it now at Fleet Feet Fort Mill!

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