Let's Get Visible for Fall: Finding YOUR Safety Gear


Though we here in the Carolinas haven’t totally adjusted into true fall running and walking weather, it’s good to get ahead of prepping your body and mind for what’s coming. With mornings now becoming more bearable and the sun starting to sink lower and lower earlier, it’s time to get on board with electrifying our runs.

What does Electrifying Our Runs’ mean exactly? Well, it’s a phrase that’s been coined by none other than Nathan Sports. As much of the community here knows we are all about early morning and nighttime safety for runners and walkers. So, as such we want to outfit you with the correct gear to make sure you are safe and seen during those darker periods of the day. It’s sometimes tough to figure out which lighting and reflective gear is going to appeal to us best, so we’ve broken down some of Nathan’s products to help you decide!

  • Strobe & Blinky Lights: The simplest way of being safe and seen, blinky lights are a good way to get started. You need cars and other vehicles to be able to spot you and what better a way than for a blinking light to help them pick you out. Nathan offers a variety of these, but our favorites would have to be any of the ones starting at 8 lumens. Some key feature of these 8 lumen lights are that they are able to be clipped onto the front and back of shirts, shorts, or belts you may have; they carry battery life for about 110 hours, and are water resistant.
  • Lightbender Collection: Probably one of our coaching staff’s favorite pieces these are all equipped to be USB recharged at any given time (yay no batteries!). But, that’s not the best part with an option that attaches to your shoe or arm, you’ll benefit from nearly 360 degree coverage. Talk about a moving target! You’ll be safe and be seen by being able to change colors, have blinking or no blinking options, and between 5-6 lumens you’ll be bright and noticeable.
  • Headlamps, Chestlamps, & Handhelds: While being seen by cars and others is important, it is also crucial to be able to see yourself. Over the last several decades headlamps have dominated the night with an incredible jump of about 250-400 lumen brightness options, you’ll also have the benefit of easy adjustability for your head and ground, 360 reflective coverage on the band, and about 25 hours of burn time on rechargeable models. With chestlamps, you’ll have the advantage of amazing versatility! The lamp can be placed on chest or wait with easy angle up and down to see the street or straight ahead of you on route. This piece is also able to be clipped on or off its reflective strap; it can be clipped onto anything really! And with the 250 lumens LED light you’ll never miss a step. Finally, handhelds! Easily turning over more and more handheld torches have taken over! With straps to allow for you not always hang onto the piece you’ll have a little more freedom of movement and less of a dropping hazard. There are both battery and rechargeable options, but you’ll always have 115-300 lumens of plain sight! All Nathan option torches are equipped with a blinker on the back and a small alarm button. So, you can feel reassured during all times of the day with this incredible piece.
  • Reflective Vests: Coming to a close, we have reflective vests. Both options carried are lightweight and unisex sizing, but the biggest thing to remember is that either or is a high visibility piece that will reflect brightly whenever it comes into contact with lights. Each one will have 360 reflectivity that can be seen from 1,200 feet upon lighting up. This can save your life on those darker runs so that cars can give you more room to run on the road without risking injury. Don’t forget that lights are also easily clipped on both these pieces!

Now that you’re informed why not come down and look closely at your early morning and nighttime options for the upcoming fall/winter season. It’s important to stay risk free during such a dark season, so get ahead of it while you have the chance!

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