How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

Let’s be real, running shoes are tougher than most, but they aren’t meant to last forever. The elements get to them, our sweat definitely doesn’t do them any favors, and they have to carry all our weight day in and day out.

The tread begins to wear down, exposing the softer midsole. The air pockets in the midsole begin to depress, causing the pillow-like feeling of most shoes to start to waver. This alone, will cause your body to notice more stress on the joints when it makes contact with the ground. All that can cause some discomfort and can potentially lead to injury. So, it’s important to replace them at regular intervals.

Let us help guide and direct you to knowing the sure signs of when it may be time to replace your running or walking shoes.

  • Your shoes will feel flat: The bounce that once surprised you from your brand new midsole will begin to break down. When shoes are brand new, you will notice that they will save your joints from taking a pounding from the impact of the ground. As the shoes age, much like placing a cinderblock on a sponge, the midsole will stop rebounding
  • Nagging aches and pains: Aches and pains are relatively normal following a longer run, but if you’re feeling some persisting pain following a normal run, it may be time to get a fresh pair of kicks.
  • Worn soles: Shoes outsoles can often be a great indicator of an old shoe. However, they can clue you in to how you are wearing the shoes out in specific places. This may call for an addition of an insole to help balance your stride or even consider changing categories of shoe. Bring them with you’re the next time you go in for a FIT.
  • Keep track of your miles: Industry standard states that running shoes are ready to be replaced between 300-500 miles. For someone who runs about 20 miles a week, this is maybe 4-6 months. However, take into consideration how hard you are on your shoes. So, even if your shoe looks brand new, helping to keep the miles in check will be a helpful sign in knowing when to replace your shoes.

Take all these things into consideration if you’re ready to update. Shoes are meant to be worn, but remember you don’t want to risk injury by hanging on to them for too long.

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