6 Tips for a Better Cross Country Season

Cross country pre-season training is in full swing and we have all the tips you need to help continue on to having a more than successful season.

 1) Have a Calendar or training log. This will help ensure that you can continue to increase your weekly mileage. However, try not to overstep about 25-30 miles weekly since you don’t want to burn out. And be absolutely sure that you have a solid rest day on your calendar at least 1-2 days a week, this will vary from runner to runner.

2) Sleep is your #1. Sleeping soundly for about 7-8 hours 5 days a week during training is not only going to keep you energized, but will keep the muscles fresh for race days.

3) Train Hills. Hills come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they’ll definitely be on more than a handful of courses from invite to invite. So, be sure to get some good hill tempos or repeats in from time to time.

4)  No weather is bad weather. We’re certainly not suggesting you go out running in a torrential downpour or thunder storms. But, by training in multiple weather patterns, you’ll only increase how you’ll perform in said weather on race day.

5)  Hydrating and fueling are ALWAYS necessary. You cannot scrimp when it comes to hydrating and having a gel/chew/waffle/etc. pre, post, or during race. Your body is burning more calories than you may even realize, especially on those warmer weather days, so be sure you have water stops or hydration belt/handhelds near or on you at all times. A little extra calories isn’t going to make or break your run.

6)  Brainwash yourself. You are a runner, whether you are slower or faster, it doesn’t matter. You are a bada**, and you will do well to remind yourself of that every time a rough day comes through. Affirmations make the man and woman. Keep it up.

Take control, run long, run strong. But, most of all remember that cross country is a wonderful sport and you will have the best season imaginable if you take some of these tips to heart!  

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