4 Exercises to Strengthen your Legs

Strength training is an important element in helping runners improve their performance. Add these simple exercises to your next workout for stronger runs this summer. Take your workout to the next level or just make sure you're doing them properly with these instructions and tips from our expert trainers. Featuring the Dona Jo EXCLUSIVE print to Fleet Feet Sports - LACES! Shop now and show them off.

Leg Raises

For standing leg raises, stand up with feet shoulder width apart and back straight. Keep your stabilizing knee slightly bent and activate your core to maintain balance. Lift one leg a few inches off the ground, and slowly increase the height as you lift to the side. Lower it back to the starting position and repeat. For a good leg workout do 10-15 reps, 3 times on each leg.

Tip: To help maintain balance you can start by holding onto the back of a chair or looking at something in front of you on the ground. 

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