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Injury Prevention Clinic

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Hosted by Amanda

Tuesday, October 7th - 6:30pm, Fleet Feet Sports Roseville
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It would be hard to argue that anything we sell in the store is more important than good footwear. However, if I had to make a case for a product line that was more beneficial than shoes, I would make the argument for Trigger Point Therapy products. Even with the best footwear and attention to biomechanical detail, we all have aches and pains.

Most all of us are walking, running, and standing all day long on hard flat surfaces. These surfaces lack the natural cushion and undulations of dirt or grass. That lack of cushion and the repetitive nature of our footstrike on man-made surfaces put a lot of stress on our bodies. Shoes certainly help to alleviate some of that, but our muscles and soft tissue need attention beyond what shoes provide. You don’t need me to tell you that knee pain, IT band tightness, plantar fasciitis and lower back pain don’t just go away.

These issues and countless others can be remedied by regular use of these products. If the Stick is a toothbrush for your muscles, then TP products are the floss. They get down deep into those hard to reach places.

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