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Running 100 miles, what does it take?

Interested in running your first 100 miler or wanting to make your second experience a better one?  Our two part seminar series will help guide you through the necessary steps, life style change, training load and all the peripheral things that are needed to successfully run 100 miles. The discussion isn't targeted towards convincing you to register, our goal is to give an honest and accurate account on all aspects of what it takes including but not limited to:

  • Training -how far do i actually have to run?
  • Working Your Life Around Training and Training Around Your Life
  • Setting Realistic and Obtainable Goals 
  • Making a Plan
  • Organization / Packing 
  • Gear  
  • Hydration & Nutrition (calories/water/electrolytes)
  • Crew and who not to pick
  • Pacer(s) -why, when, where and who
  • Staying up all night / Caffeine / how long you might actually be out there and the massive effect of accumulation
  • Running in the dark and things that go bump in the night
  • What to do when things get derailed -nearing cut offs, vomiting, getting lost, etc..
  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS and dealing with the head games

For additional details and registration (it's free), please go HERE>

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