Best Places to Run - Littleton, Colorado

Are you new to the Littleton area and looking for your new favorite running route? Or just looking to shake up your running routine? Explore these running routes, a list of the best places to run in the Littleton area of Denver, Colorado. This list was curated by Rory Greenshields, an Outfitter at Fleet Feet Littleton.

Clement Park

Where to Park: There is parking available at the parking lot at the corner of Bowles and Wadsworth.

Trail Length: The loop around the lake is approximately 1.4 miles long. There are additional paths that split off that you can take to make your loops longer.

Trail Surface: Trail is paved concrete throughout.

Maintained in Winter?: Trail is mostly clear in winter, however, there can be icy spots along certain parts of the lake.

Public Bathrooms: There are public bathrooms on the far side of the lake near the parks. There is also a bathroom available at Fleet Feet!

Hildebrand Ranch Park

Where to Park: We would recommend parking at the trailhead lot off of Deer Creek Canyon Road when starting on this trail.

Trail Length: Hildebrand Ranch trails add up to 7.7 total miles but there are connecting trails to South Valley and Deer Creek Canyon as well.

Trail Surface: The trails on Hildebrand Ranch are mostly dirt trails with some parts that are gravel as well.

Maintained in Winter?: This trail can be closed during parts of the winter months due to muddy conditions. 

Public Bathrooms: There are public bathrooms available at the trailhead lot.

Deer Creek Canyon

Where to Park: The best spot to park at is at the Deer Creek Trailhead off of Grizzly Drive.

Trail Length: The total length of trails are approximately 14 miles but they also connect to other trails such as South Valley and Hildebrand Ranch.

Trail Surface: These trails are mostly dirt with some rocky spots throughout.

Maintained in Winter?: This trail is usually open during the winter months. The trail can be snowy and icy at parts, but is relatively clear.

Public Bathrooms: There are public bathrooms available right at the trailhead.

High Line Canal

Where to Park: There are places to park throughout the trail in Littleton including, Roxborough State Park and Carder Court

Trail Length: The total length of the trail spans 71 miles total stretching between Aurora and Roxborough State Park.

Trail Surface: The trail consisted of a mix between paved concrete sections and gravel sections.

Maintained in Winter?: The trail is maintained and cleared throughout the winter months but it still can be snowy and icy at some parts throughout the trail.

Public Bathrooms: There are public bathrooms that are located throughout the trail.


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