What's a Thursday Night Bridge Run?

This week's Bridge Sprints marked the first workout of Daylight Savings Time; no more running in the dark! We had a solid turnout again on Thursday, veterans and newcomers alike. 
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The workout this session focused on strength and endurance, which means we run a little bit slower but we take fewer and shorter rest periods. It sounds like a lot, but we keep the workouts between 2 and 2 3/4 mile to make it suitable for all levels of runners.
We started with the usual warm up in front of the store -- lunges, toe touches, up-and-overs, high knees, and butt kicks -- and then headed to The Bridge!
Thursday's workout started with a warm up run to the top and back down. We want to make sure that everyone gets to work at their current level of fitness so instead of prescribing a set pace we run at your own percent effort level. The warm up run is usually done around 80-85% of your best effort. If I had to put it in concrete terms, it would be hard enough that you wouldn't be able to speak in full sentences, but not so hard that you are huffing and puffing at the end.
With the warm up run behind us, we moved into the day's workout. It started with a reverse ladder up the hill, break after all five are done.
  1. Fast up to the uppermost street light, slower jog back to the start
  2. Fast up to the second to last street light, slower jog back down
  3. Fast to the closest street light (shortest distance)
  4. Repeat step #3
  5. Repeat step #2
The key here is learning how to judge your effort level so that you can keep pushing it up the hill, recover on the way back down, and be ready to give it your all again for the next uphill push. Katerina loved it so much, she jumped for joy on the way back down! (next time I'll be quicker on the photo shooting finger)
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For the next stage of the workout, we split into two groups and did a "leap frog" run over the bridge to A1A and back. As everyone runs in single file, the last person in line sprints to the front. When he/she gets there, the next person goes, and so on. 
We wrapped up the workout by repeating the first half of the reverse ladder, far street light, middle street light, close street light, and done! Great workout, ended up around 2 2/3 miles.
The next workout is scheduled for Thursday March 30th and will be focused on speed. That means shorter, faster repetitions with a longer recovery between them.
See you in two weeks,
Josh J

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