Training Is No Picnic

Life happens.

People are surrounded by obstacles throughout their life, which can easily affect their training. Work stress, family matters, lack of sleep; the hardest part of training is just getting out that door. The heat here in South Florida has been rough, leading to both slower and shorter runs for many; however we can all look forward to cooler days coming soon.

 With marathon season quickly approaching, it has been hard for people to stay motivated. Racking up your mileage to the double digits can be tough. A great way to maintain motivation is through friends and running groups; why suffer alone when you can suffer as a group? Ever wanted to skip a run? How would your running group feel if you weren’t there? People are around to help each other out, whether it’s through injury or training.

The best thing you can do is set training goals and focus on reaching them one day at a time. Don’t let missing a workout set you back mentally; missing one or two runs won’t set back your fitness. You will reach your goals one day at a time if you’re willing to put in the effort. Click here to check out the full blog.

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