By Mackenzie Stump

It is harder to change your mind than it is to change your body.  That might go against logic, but how many times do you excuse yourself from getting up 15 minutes earlier for a run in the morning.   We make it home, and say, “I’ll work out tomorrow.” We subconsciously think of running even a few miles as hard work and daunting.  “I’m too busy.” “It’s going to take months to even see results.”   So we walk by our shoes, and into the next stressful event or short break.  Good habits are not formed instantaneously.  They are formed when we focus on what we tell ourselves fleetingly in our minds every day, then we change that thought. 


Running hurts- Sure, so does walking to the bathroom after sitting in an awkward position on the couch for too long.  Running can have its aches and injuries, but that’s what we are here for.  The running/fitness world is full of new technologies and research exploring the world of aches and pains.  And the comfort of new foam technologies or even the correct sock changes your experience completely. 


It takes forever to see change- Your body on the outside seems so peaceful.  All calm, collected skin.  Underneath, there is constant action.  Blood flow, heart movements, oxygenation, muscle activity- your body is working hard for you. When you complete a mile, your are training your lungs to expand and take in oxygen at a higher rate, and you are strengthening your heart.  Even more, working out (even 2.5 hours of running a week) will release endorphins that improve your mood. And that single goal ahead of you helps you either relax your brain or focus through your thoughts.


It’s not easy to change your mind- That’s what we love to help with!  We provide group runs so you can hang out and work together.  We fit you based on your body and needs.  We are here to answer any of your questions (There is so much running stuff out there! No worries, it’s our job to study all of it.) We bring in fitness classes that you are interested in but would like to try out first.  We are here for you so you can be your healthy, happy self.


Focus on the small choices. Make the change.




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