Intro of the Product Blog - Feat. The Saucony Kinvara 7!

Product Blog - It's Kinvara 7 Time!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to our first installment of our monthly product blog, we'll be doing these monthly to feature certain product we carry in store to highlight some key features and some of the stories behind the product!

Since this is our first one we decided to debut with one of the more anticipated shoes of the year: the brand-new Kinvara 7

The Kinvara is known for its Natural run feeling, and its flexibility.

All Kinvara Loyalists can tell you that the calling cards of the Kinvara are the lockdown fit, quick, resilient ride, and a great underfoot Feeling. This latest edition gets an EVERUN laden heel for cushioning where it's needed most. But don't you forefoot and midfoot strikers worry, Saucony didn't forget about you in this update, the whole midsole itself has some added cushioning especially underneath the balls of your feet.

All the while the sleek, FLEXFILM-infused upper supports the foot for assurance with every stride, and along with RUNDRY lining helps keep your feet dry by wicking away moisture for a dry, comfortable run.

The new TRI-FLEX Outsole Design delivers more ground contact, while still allowing the optimal flexibility the Kinvara is known for! This new outsole design also makes the shoe feel more responsive under the foot, and causes your feet to feel more stable during your runs by adding more surface area for your entire feet. 


Thanks for reading everyone, we're really excited about this most recent edition of the Kinvara family, and now we hope you are too!

Published by: Kyle Stump & Alex Luna 

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