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A Runner's Christmas Wish List

Looking for gift ideas for the runner among your friends or family? Fleet Feet has plenty to offer! Here's a sampling of some of the great options available!


Milestone Pod

We previously posted a full review of the Pod. This a great tool for any runner. Tracking pace and distance are just the beginning. Keep track of how many miles are on your shoes, learn about your leg swing, cadence, foot strike, and more. The accompanying mobile app is easy to use, too. Plus, at $25 it's a tremendous value!


Generation UCan Nutrition

UCan offers a full line of race nutrition that includes a non-carbonated hydration supplement, a super-starch carbohydrate drink supplement that promotes steady energy throughout your run without spikes and valleys, plus a tasty line of food bars with protein that any runner would appreciate post-race.


Mizuno Breath Thermo Gear

Lightweight and warm. Mizuno's Breath Thermo technology offers warmth without bulk. The trademark material heats up when it gets wet (think sweat). The gloves offer the ability to use touchscreen phones while worn, too. Any runner would love to have these as we head into the cold season ahead.


Athletic Socks

Gone are the days when people complained about getting socks for Christmas. Especially when those socks wick away moisture, offer no-slip comfort, and include comfortable cushion where runners need it most! All socks in-store are buy three pairs, get a fourth for free--mix and match styles however you please!


Gift Cards

Shoes and some apparel items are just better when people have the opportunity to try them out and get the best possible fit. Gift cards offer that flexibility to come into the store and get help from experts. What gift cards lack in imagination, they make up for with practicality if your runner needs shoes.


Reflective Gear

Reflective gear is a great all-year need for runners. Both form and function have improved in reflective gear in recent years. Fleet Feet has options that include flashlights with hand straps to prevent the need to grip it and locally made vests that hold cell phones snugly to the body while allowing the runner to listen to music without earbuds.

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